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Advertising Order Start Page

Placing an advertisement on one of our local town web pages is easy.

First understand our terms, they are simple:

  1. There are 5 ad spots per town page.
  2. Your ad will appear immediately after finishing yur payment.
  3. You will be placing an order for 1 advertising spot on 1 town page at a time, if you continue to use this form. If you want to place ads on multiple pages we do offer a multi-page discount based on the total number of pages you request. Please click here or go to the Contact Us Link under the About Us tab and send us a message to contact you.
  4. You have the option to purchase your ad spot for 30 days, or 180 days with a 10% discount, or for 365 days with a 15% discount.
  5. You will be re-directed to our payment provider Pay-Pal to finish payment after you finish your order. If you wish to provide payment in a different form, complete your order and when you are directed to the Pay Pal screen just click out of that screen. Then send us a message on our Contact Us Form under the About Us tab and send us a message. Your ad will be saved in our system and we will contact you to finalize payment. You ad will not appear until payment has been finalized.
  6. Your advertising graphic must be 350 Pixels Wide By 400 Pixels High to properly fit. You will see a preview when you upload your graphic.
  7. All graphics must be in jpeg format.
  8. After your ad is posted and payment recieved you will recieve and email with a link to your ad analytics.
  9. You will be notified by email 5 days prior to your ad expiring.
  10. We do not accept ads of a pornographic nature or advertising with nude photos, or images advertising pornographic websites, or adult content websites.
  11. If you need help creating an ad click here to send us a message and we will be in contact with you.
  12. If at any point you have any questions or concerns regardng your ad please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here to send us a message.


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