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We believe that the news should be trustworthy, local, and free to the readers, that is why we started our community news portals. All of our articles come directly from the local organizations that serve your community, local reporters & contributors, and our team of investigative reporters. In short, our news is from the people, by the people, and for the people.


We also believe that the news should be easy to read and safe for your devices to access. That is why you will never see on any of our websites: annoying pop-up ads, speed killing automatic playing multimedia, requirements for you to sign-up or sign-in with your email to read the news, web tracking cookies or software, malware, mid-article advertising, pop-unders, or articles that require you to visit several pages to read.


And last but not least we believe the advertisers should get the maximum return on their investment. All advertising appears on every page of our news portals, not just the landing page. We limit the number of advertisements per site to keep our news sections clutter free and to make each advertisement as visible as possible. We charge a flat fee per 30-day run with no additional charges per view, click, or website visit. In short, we keep advertising as simple and as affordable as possible to our sponsors.