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We hear a lot about CPR saving lives, and on May 7th of this year three citizens…

We hear a lot about CPR saving lives, and on May 7th of this year three citizens sprang into action, and their efforts saved a life.

On May 7th WSFR crews were called to the King Soopers parking lot in Windsor for a male in cardiac arrest. Bystanders Nikki Lyons, Brittany Scheer, and King Soopers employee Hayden Jungemann saw 66-year-old Richard Leamon of Windsor stumble, fall forward and land on the ground face first. They immediately ran over, rolled him over, and began CPR as someone called 911. Tonight Lyons, Scheer, and Jungemann, as well as the fire and EMS crews who responded, got to meet Mr. Leamon for the first time since that night.

The actions of these three citizens greatly contributed to the patient to be able to walk out of the hospital and return to his life as usual.

Tonight, Lyons, Scheer, and Jungemann were recognized by WSFR and UCHealth EMS to honor their life-saving actions. Lyons and Scheer were presented with the prestigious WSFR Citizen Lifesaver Award for initiating CPR until rescue crews arrived. Jungemann was presented with the WSFR Good Samaratin Award for his actions in immediately calling 911, the first and key link in the chain of survival.

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