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I Love Loveland

One of the things we talk about with new officers is how fortunate we are to live and work in such a supportive community. This post proves that.

Thank you, Nancy, for the kind words, and thank you Laura for spreading positivity!

I Love Loveland

I thought this was a really cool post by Nancy Gilbert in one of our groups. ~ Laura

“Dedicated to a fine Loveland peace officer…..

Some people are natural born teachers, others are scientists, doctors and artists. And there are also people who are meant to be a police officers. Every profession requires different skills and each profession plays an important role in our society.

I was meant to be a teacher. It became a yearning to create inspiring lessons, connect with people and contribute to my community. It was the same drive I have with my art. I was good at diffusing tense situations. negotiating my way through red tape but most importantly teaching inspired me not only to share my knowledge in an interesting, creative and colorful way but also taught me how much I still had to learn. So we all learned and grew together. It was my calling. I don’t
think I would have made a good police officer.

Yesterday I encountered a police officer. She impressed me right away. She had a gentle strength that I think is required in a job like that. One of the most important skills of a consummate police officer is to know how to respond to various situations in a moment’s notice. Their lives may
be on the line if they miscalculate. And most importantly, when a situation can be diffused, a skillful negotiator knows how to do that and lives may be saved.

That was the officer I met yesterday. She was well educated, thoughtful and had the instinctive ability to diffuse a hot situation. A neighborly squabble that could have turned into something bigger but for the diplomacy of this young officer (everyone looks young to me these days). She did not use aggression and her presence was calming. She listened and communicated clearly, with some authority but more like the diplomat we’ve grown to expect (but don’t always see) from people in leadership. She used what I consider a very important quality, one that I admire, a gentle strength.

The everyday cops on the street are well-meaning and committed peace officers. Many of them have the skills to diffuse situations before they explode into something dangerous. Many of them find diplomatic approaches to encounters they have with all sorts of people. Some of these people are angry, some intoxicated (either with drugs or alcohol), some are anywhere from mildly to severely mentally ill. These cops have to diagnose the situation on the spot and it’s a dangerous job. It takes skill and professionalism to do the job right and fairly.

And like teachers and other professionals, there are some who excel and others who would have been better elsewhere. I could say the same about so many career choices. But it’s always a pleasure to encounter the best of these professional people. It reminds me that there are many qualified, compassionate, logical and quick thinking professionals out there. I was lucky enough to encounter one yesterday.

I love Loveland.” – Nancy Gilbert

Loveland Police Department