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TSD Announces Winners of the “Thompson Kids Can Change the World” Contest Tho…

TSD Announces Winners of the
“Thompson Kids Can Change the World” Contest

Thompson School District is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s “Thompson Kids Can Change the World” contest, which recognizes students who are making a positive difference in their community. A special “Thank You” goes out to all of the students who submitted applications in this year’s contest. Each winner will receive up to $250 in supplies and materials to help make their plans a reality. More information on their projects will be released as they are completed.

6th-12 Grade Winner
Ashley Arthur – 11th Grade
Mountain View High School

When Ashley Arthur was a freshman, she was full of fear and anxiety about going to high school. While it was exciting, it was also stressful and Ashley felt alone, sad, and completely lost because of past experiences she had when she was younger. She noticed others who were also struggling and decided to do something about it. Her project began with surveying other students and teachers to identify what would help. She found that providing resources for healthy coping skills was a solution and, with the guidance of student support services, is now creating resource boxes that will be put in classrooms for students. Resource boxes in classrooms will start the chain of change with students learning to better cope with stress. “It is like a seed being planted. Once one student has a coping skill given to them, they are able to help other people.” Ashley believes this ripple effect can change the world.