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Frederick High School Athletics

Cheer bingo schedule

Saturday April 20- Reminder that we have Bingo scheduled in April. Please take a look at the list of people to see if you or your athlete are on it. If you are on the list you should be at the Bingo hall at 5:00pm on Saturday, April 20th. The people who are scheduled this night are;

  • Susie Rhodes- GM
  • Heather- Banker
  • Shaunna- Banker asst.
  • Debbie/Lisa- Cashiers
  • Kevin/John- Pickle King
  • Ray- Caller
  • Lauren/Darlene/Aiyanna- Pickles
  • Kayla- Progressives
  • Jordan- Double action
  • Jenna/Ashleigh- Extra

If you have any concerns, please let coach Suzie know ASAP.