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***PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE*** The Severance Police Department and Weld County Sheri…

***PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE*** The Severance Police Department and Weld County Sheri... 1

2020-08-20 06:44:15

***PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE*** The Severance Police Department and Weld County Sheriff’s Office are currently at the scene of a barricaded felony suspect in the 300 block of Mt. Bross Ave. within the Overlook Subdivision. We are working diligently to peacefully resolve this situation and ask that all…


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Severance News

September 24, 2020 Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Community, WSFR continues…

September 24, 2020 
 Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Community, 
 WSFR continues... 2

2020-09-25 07:41:06

September 24, 2020

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Community,

WSFR continues to support the Cameron Peak Fire! We had three of the firefighters return after working 14 days assisting with building control lines and setting up structure protection systems to help prepare the area for the fire situations they are now seeing. As these three people were returning, we sent an additional three people and another fire truck to fight the fires for what will likely be another 14 day assignment. For those of you keeping score at home, we have tallied up the hours for all of the firefighters that have worked on the fire so far and it’s over 2,100 hours and counting. Additionally, we have committed to another 3 firefighters and a fire truck to go to the fire on Friday in anticipation of high winds.

You may be wondering who pays for all of these costs. On this fire, all of our costs, including wages, benefits, and backfill, are reimbursed. This creates a net neutral impact to our budget for the personnel costs, and the reimbursement for this particular fire is being repaid by the Federal system based on where the fire is burning. Additionally, we charge an hourly fee for the use of our equipment; based on the number of hours our apparatus is being used, WSFR will realize a fairly sizable revenue allocation which can be directly applied to the cost of apparatus. We would expect to be reimbursed over $50,000 for the use of our type 6 wildland truck. To put it in perspective, we recently purchased a wildland truck fully equipped for a bit under $200,000. Our folks not only get great experience from deploying as resources to wildfires, there is a financial incentive to the district and taxpayers as well.

We all hope this fire goes out soon and the air quality will clear up as the next few days will be telling for how the mitigation efforts and mother nature intersect. We wish all operating on the fire lines to be safe and healthy!

Speaking of being safe and healthy, WSFR has experienced the inevitable. We have had our first employee diagnosed with Covid-19. Thankfully, the employee is not feeling any terrible symptoms and is hopeful to be back to work as soon as possible. WSFR has been aggressive in our efforts since early March on implementing best practices for our facilities, our employees, and our community as our goal. While I do not think we can completely avoid any potential exposures given our roles and responsibilities, we are confident that we are doing everything we can to keep our employees safe and healthy.

Last week I mentioned that there will be an upcoming ballot initiative that deals with the stabilization of funding for WSFR going forward. In the past, one of the things we heard from the public is whether we collected developer impact fees and if not, why not. Impact fees are a fairly new allowable fee fire districts are allowed to collect. WSFR Board of Directors directed staff to investigate how impact fees would work and what steps would need to be taken to implement such. That study was recently completed, and we are currently working through the next phases to properly implement impact fees for WSFR. We appreciate everyone who expressed their opinion on this matter as we have taken it to heart. We will continue to work to jump through the hoops as needed going forward. You have my firm commitment to continue to manage the financial needs of WSFR in the past, present, and in the future. Assuring we are considering a sustainable future is one of our highest priorities.

For me and what I have going on, well, it seems like there are always too many things on the to do list and never enough time. I am sure we can all relate to that. Besides all of the normal workload things like preparing the final draft budget, meeting with different community leaders and partner agencies, and managing and leading our amazing team, I am working on a few teaching opportunities for some upcoming fire conferences. I enjoy teaching and networking with other leaders – usually in the fire service but in general, I enjoy being around people who like to lead, and I especially like being around people who love to lead people.

I get to work with some of the most amazing and dedicated people that are all here serving our community. They are all selfless and willing to serve as our mission statement says: Providing professional service and compassionate care from our family to yours! About 2 weeks ago, one of our members took that saying a little further and donated a kidney to his son. This is truly taking selflessness and willing to give to a whole new level! I am happy to report that dad and son are doing great, and we are looking forward to our WSFR hero coming back to work soon. It is things like this that I will always remember. Know that when firefighters say they are here for you, they mean it. As parents, we would all do anything for our kids, but this just proves it at the highest of levels.

I hope that you all do not mind the article coming out a day early. As you recall, I turned 50 in August and when you turn 50, there are all kinds of things you have to do to make sure you are healthy for the next 50! I will be undergoing a procedure to ensure my health and wellness is taken care of. I encourage anyone who is still reading, if you are putting off any health related checkups or appointments, make them today and make your health a priority. I thought I would share that while I was originally going for 50 workouts in 60 days, that brother-in-law I spoke of last week challenged me to 100 workouts in 120 days. I am proud to say I got 100 workouts done in 107 days! I feel great and am now in a workout groove. I cannot believe I put working out as one of my low priorities. I am now putting it on the non-negotiable list, and I hope you do the same thing – get a run or walk in, get that heart rate up, and make your health and wellness a way of life!

At the Kazian house, it was an interesting time for us to reflect and admire the work of the late and great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. While I knew she was instrumental in so many of the things I have lived with most of my life, hearing the stories and watching the movies, made me, a father of 4 girls so happy that she had the perseverance and grit she did. A true trailblazer and a one of a kind that we are forever grateful for. Rest in peace RGB!

Stay safe and keep on keeping on!

Respectfully Submitted,

Kris Kazian
Fire Chief
970-686-2626 X310

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Severance News

WSFR is proud and appreciative of the 3 FFs who just returned from 14 days at th…

WSFR is proud and appreciative of the 3 FFs who just returned from 14 days at th... 3

2020-09-23 13:30:36

WSFR is proud and appreciative of the 3 FFs who just returned from 14 days at the Cameron Peak Fire and we just sent another 3 out for a potential 14 more days on the fire line! One of the traditions on a wildfire assignment is to let your facial hair grow…. you can tell who is going out and who is coming back! Stay safe and keep up the great work for all of those impacted by the fire!

WSFR is proud and appreciative of the 3 FFs who just returned from 14 days at th... 4

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Severance News

We want your input! The Town of Severance is asking for your participation in a …

We want your input! The Town of Severance is asking for your participation in a ... 5

2020-09-23 09:23:41

We want your input! The Town of Severance is asking for your participation in a survey about the Transportation Master Plan. The Town is updating our Transportation Plan. A Transportation Plan is the guiding policy document for the Town of Severance’s transportation system. Some of the key topics addressed by the Transportation Plan include streets, regional travel, transportation demand, as well as management of these items. The Transportation Plan was last updated in 2015. Public input is essential to the Transportation Plan, ensuring that it reflects the values of the community and all items are accounted for. We welcome feedback from residents and have scheduled another opportunity for just this. Please follow this link to vote:

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