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Governor Polis has issued a 30-day statewide ban on open fires. The statewide ba…

Governor Polis has issued a 30-day statewide ban on open fires. The statewide ba... 1

2020-08-20 10:49:15

Governor Polis has issued a 30-day statewide ban on open fires. The statewide ban went into affect Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Three of the four fires we are currently fighting are believed to have been caused by human activity. We need to do everything we can to prevent new fires from starting.



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Severance News

Dangers of Turkey Fryers

Dangers of Turkey Fryers 2

2020-11-25 16:20:13

Are you planning on frying your turkey on Thanksgiving Day? If you are please watch this video demonstrating the dangers of a turkey fryer and follow these safety tips:
1. Turkey fryers can easily tip over spilling hot oil across a large area. Use your turkey fryer only outdoors on a sturdy, level surface well away from things that can burn.
2. Make sure to have a “3-foot kid- and pet-free zone” around your turkey fryer to protect against burn injuries.
3. An overfilled cooking pot will cause oil to spill over when the turkey is placed inside. Determine the correct amount of oil needed by first placing the turkey in the pot with water.
4. A partially frozen turkey will cause hot oil to splatter. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and DRY before you fry it.
5. The pot, lid and handles of a turkey fryer can get dangerously hot and cause burn injuries. Use long cooking gloves that protect hands and arms when you handle these items.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Dangers of Turkey Fryers

NFPA joins CPSC to demonstrate the fire dangers of turkey fryers in this live burn. NFPA strongly discourages the use of turkey fryers. For more safety tips …

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A special “Angel Day” Message from Fire Chief Kris Kazian November 24, 2020 W…

A special “Angel Day” Message from Fire Chief Kris Kazian
 November 24, 2020 
 W... 3

2020-11-25 04:14:07

A special “Angel Day” Message from Fire Chief Kris Kazian

November 24, 2020

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Community,

Today is a very special day for the Kazian family, one that occurs around Thanksgiving every year which makes this holiday both much harder and much more special to us. Let me share with you a story, and possibly teach you a new phrase our family helped coin, or at least are taking credit for it because we never heard it before:

Our little girl’s name was Alexis May Kazian. We called her “Lexi,” and this is how her short time on this planet impacted our lives.

On August 12, 2002, a beautiful little girl was born to two very excited parents. When it was time, she struggled to come into this world and when she arrived, she needed help to breath. She was a big, yet very angelic baby from the start. She spent the first 28 days in the NICU and then came home with more doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions than we knew were possible. She spent many more stints in the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy which they determined was caused by a lack of oxygen during her delivery. As parents, you can imagine the devastation and the enormous amount of work and emotions that our family found ourselves trying to manage. The next two years and three months did not prove to be much easier. However, we did not let the feeding tube, a seizure disorder or any of her many other challenges stop us. We went camping, to Cubs games, she was a flower girl at a family wedding and a little sister to our other girls who played dress up and barbie dolls like any other typically developing child.

The experience we had with our daughter taught our family so much about life. The things we take for granted, the things that make us upset, the things that annoy us all looked a little different after having a daughter who struggled just to live each and every day. Do not get me wrong, there was also resentment, anger, and hostility which reared its head on occasions, but in the end, there was a precious little girl who came into our life for a reason. In the end, we believe she chose us to be her parents and we were going to do everything we could to give her the best life possible.

Then, Lexi was diagnosed with pneumonia and within 24 hours, on November 24, 2004, she was gone.

We knew her life was fragile. We knew we were given this special child for a reason. And we knew her journey did not end the day she passed away.

When the first anniversary of her passing came around, someone offered us condolences. It was clear that it was hard for that person to offer condolences, and it was also clear it was tough for Kristy and me to hear the word that day. This led us to joining a support group for parents who had lost a child. With the help of the group, and friends who helped us get there, we came up with a term that we felt better suited how we viewed the anniversary of someone’s passing. We decided to call it their “Angel Day.”

Today marks Lexi’s 16th Angel Day and for the Kazian family it’s a day we both celebrate and grieve her short and precious life.

We also started a non-profit called The Lexi Kazian Foundation — Helping From Heaven. We have been able to give back to countless children and families who have needed assistance. Our ability to give back created a new lease on life and gave us the perspective that we cannot take our lives so seriously. Experiencing the loss of a child made a lot of the other noise seem just like that: Noise.

I know there are many of you out there who share in our pain. For our family, it has put life into perspective and framed how we live our lives. When we hear so much noise about what is going on, our family kindly smiles and says, “Well, it is not as bad as losing a daughter, a sister, granddaughter or a niece.” We have learned that life is delicate, and while we never would wish the pain that we endure on anyone it has taught us to respect life and to be thankful each and every day.

On Lexi’s Angel Day, let’s all try and focus on the things that really matter, and on the need to be good to one another. I know there is a lot going on in the world and we cannot ignore that. We all have may have strong feelings for how things should or should not be going in the infamous 2020. For those who have loved ones with Angel Days, take this Thanksgiving and spend a few minutes remembering them. Talk about and share stories about them. Just saying your Angel’s name will bring back so many memories for you and for those connected to the angel. Too often it seems like people are afraid to talk about a loved one who has earned their wings, but the reality is the pain likely lies in us thinking people will someday forget our Angels. Remembering and talking about our Angels brings us joy and smiles, and it tells us so much about the people we call family, friends and neighbors. Few things make me smile more than to hear Lexi’s name and to talk about her.

Thanksgiving represents a time to give thanks and appreciate what we have. What an opportunity to be intentional and work to do our little part to make things just a little better when times are tough. Donate food to the food bank, check on your elderly neighbor, show a little compassion for people who may have a different viewpoint than yours. Find a healthy outlet to release some of the hostility in our lives such as taking a run around the block instead of firing off an email or blasting a social media post that in the end solves nothing.

Please enjoy however you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We are all hoping to put these challenging times behind us and we all want nothing more than to get life back to the way it used to be!

Respectfully Submitted,

Kris Kazian
Fire Chief
970-686-2626 X310

A special “Angel Day” Message from Fire Chief Kris Kazian
 November 24, 2020 
 W... 4
A special “Angel Day” Message from Fire Chief Kris Kazian
 November 24, 2020 
 W... 5

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Severance News

We are thankful for our community’s commitment to safety, especially around the …

We are thankful for our community's commitment to safety, especially around the ... 6

2020-11-24 22:13:05

We are thankful for our community’s commitment to safety, especially around the holidays.

Thanksgiving week experiences more cooking fires than any other period of the year.

As you prepare for a safe holiday this year please take five minutes and sign up your household for Community Connect. By providing WSFR with your family’s information, like your meeting place in case you have to leave your home or a garage code so we can enter your home, you are helping us to get you the help you may need in an emergency. You can sign up at

We hope every has a safe Thanksgiving.

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