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Destination Windsor Photo Contest

Destination Windsor Photo Contest 1

2020-08-19 13:53:50

📸 As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We think it takes at least that many words to describe how beautiful Windsor is, so send us your photos! You still have time to enter our Destination Windsor Photo Contest. Go to and upload your best photos that showcase our community.

One grand prize winner will receive a gift basket and gift cards valued at $200; second place receives $100 in gift cards, with a $50 gift card to third place. All gift cards will be from Windsor businesses.

The contest closes at 5pm this Friday, August 21. See website for more details.

Destination Windsor Photo Contest

Destination Windsor Photo Contest It’s been a long year. In fact, 2020 is by far the longest year on record. With any luck you’ve had a little time to enjoy the sunrise over Windsor Lake or the sunset over the mountains. Perhaps you’ve visited one of Windsor’s scenic parks or you’ve enjoye…

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Facilities Technician

Facilities Technician 2

2020-09-25 12:41:28

Only applications submitted through will be considered.

As a member of the Public Works-Facilities Division, individuals in this position perform routine installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing, mechanical, electrical, painting, carpet and flooring, construction and exterior maintenance. Assists with general custodial duties, and special requests for set-up and tear-down as assigned. This position operates various types of building systems, machinery and tools in a safe, efficient manner to maintain, analyze, repair and perform semi-skilled and skilled improvement to Town facilities and equipment; and maintains and repairs mechanical and electrical operational systems including, but not limited to heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical lighting and distribution. Visit our website for a complete job description.

Facilities Technician

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Windsor News

We're less than a week away from Windsor's Fall Clean Up! Windsor Ut…

We're less than a week away from Windsor's Fall Clean Up!  Windsor Ut... 3

2020-09-25 15:03:05

🍂 We're less than a week away from Windsor's Fall Clean Up! Windsor Utility customers are invited to dispose of household waste and organic yard materials, free of charge, at Windsor's Public Services Facility, 922 North 15th Street on Friday, October 2 and Saturday, October 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. An original voucher is required for participation. Utility customers were mailed a voucher in their September utility bill, which can be redeemed for one carload drop-off at the event.

Utility customers that opt to not receive a bill in the mail can bring valid identification such as a driver’s license and a printout of their utility bill to Windsor Town Hall, 301 Walnut St., during regular business hours to receive a voucher.

For more information, including a list of accepted and non-accepted items, visit

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The ability to reach 911 from a cell phone has become a vital public safety tool…

The ability to reach 911 from a cell phone has become a vital public safety tool... 4

2020-09-25 15:03:37

The ability to reach 911 from a cell phone has become a vital public safety tool that comes with some unique challenges. The gist? If you call 911 from a landline, first responders will know your exact location even if you didn’t have time to provide it. But… if you call from a cell phone… first responders might NOT know your exact location unless you give it to them.

Here are some tips for making a 911 call from a wireless phone: 1.) Tell the emergency operator your location and nature of the emergency right away, and 2.) Provide the operator with your cell phone number so if the call gets disconnected they can call you back.

Here's why. When you make a 911 emergency call on a cell phone, you send signals through the air. This leaves room for error. While wireless carriers are required to provide latitude and longitude location-tracking capabilities to dispatchers, they are only accurate up to a 984-foot permissible radius. That leaves responders to use a system of triangulation to find your location and when you live in a densely populated area it also means responders may need to knock on a few wrong doors before they find the emergency.

Additionally, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules allow up to six minutes to determine your location before a cell phone carrier is considered in violation. In an emergency, six minutes is time that’s too valuable to waste. While requirements are becoming increasingly strict, it will likely take time before wireless technology improves.

The fact remains that cell phones are a VITAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE tool. We don't want to dissuade you from using a cell phone. Quite the contrary. Since people carry them everywhere they actually can cut down on the time it takes to notify first responders of an emergency and as long as you remember to provide your exact location, emergency personnel can respond quickly.

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