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Tonya VanBeber: The Democrat In Republican Clothing

Tonya Van Beber

June 8, 2020

The state of Colorado is at war, it’s red versus blue, and with a zero conservative voting record, no recorded Republican activities, with less than a year of membership n the Republican party, and with an entire list of Democratic tendencies, Tonya Van Beber is hoping the conservative voters will be foolish enough to send a Democrat posing as a Republican to the statehouse.

Let’s take a look at Mrs. Van Beber’s political record to date.

Political affiliations: Until late last year Mrs. Van Beber was a registered independent voter, she then switched her registration to the Republican Party. In 2018 she ran for Greeley City Council as an independent and lost leaving us to wonder if she made the change to the party most likely to get her a win and a route to political office.

In an open and public facebook conversation, Mrs. Van Beber admitted spending 15 years at a private charter school as an educator and was not a union member during that time, however, she left that charter school 2 years ago and took a position with District 6 and for the past 2 years has been a member of the Greeley Education Association and Colorado Education Association.  Voters will have to ask themselves if a 17-year educator and now union member will be a good conservative representative in the Colorado House of Representatives and if her loyalties will be to the party or her profession.

Political Office: In 2018 Van Beber narrowly defeated the heavily favored Charles Tucker for a seat on the Weld County Council.  The 2 years she has served in that position is the extend of her political experience. Her only major vote so far was to vote for Kevin Ross to replace Sean Conway, which is turning out to be a big mistake.

Donors, PAC’s & IEC’s: This is where Van Beber’s true colors have come to light. She has taken political donations from 2 Political Action Committees that support Democrat causes and only donate to Democrats, except for Van Beber. One of those is a Bernie Sanders type PAC that wants free housing for all, the other supports increasing education funding.

Just last week a negative mailer went out to voters from an Independent Expenditure Committee (IEC) that is only supporting Van Beber and Dan Woog, however, that PAC called Coloradoans For Constitutional Values was set-up for just this race and has a longer standing PAC called Democratic Progress which has so far spent $ 55,000 on a race in Indiana trying to get a Democrat elected to the state legislature.

More Democrat dark money has funded Van Beber’s campaign, An IEC called Ready Colorado Action Fund which is funded by Ready Colorado is listed as a conservative non-profit promoting conservative candidates for education in Colorado. However, they donate more money to Democrats recently spending around $ 75,000 on 3 candidates in a Denver Public School Board Race. All of the candidates they supported lost their races.

But for some strange and unexplained reason, the Ready Colorado Action Fund has jumped all the way up to Weld County and is trying to help influence 3 races. The first race we completely understand, Tonya Van Beber is a professional educator and member of the CREA with deep ties to education. However the other two candidates, Dan Woog currently running for House District 63, and Michael Lynch running for House District 49, neither candidates have a platform for improving education funding, no ties to education, and have made no public statements anywhere that they are for improving education funding.

The regulations surrounding an Independent Expenditure Committee are that individuals from the IEC are to have no contact or coordination with the candidates. If they do it makes it an illegal campaign contribution, one punishable by prison time. So our question is how does an IEC whose specific stated mission is to promote education funding is able to choose 2 candidates with no ties to education whatsoever and start funding television ads and political mailers without contacting the candidates to see if their beliefs are in line with the non-profit organization?

You know what they say if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Well, Van Beber is someone who takes donations from Democrat PAC’s, Democrat IEC’s, and has the support of Democrat Dark Money. So in my book, she’s a Democrat.

Tonya VanBeber: The Democrat In Republican Clothing 3

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