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2 Democrat Dark Money Groups Posing as Conservatives Funding Television Ads & Mailers for 3 Weld Republicans

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June 9, 2020

Two Democrat PAC’s are funding three Weld County political candidates in an attempt to get an undercover Democrats posing as a Republican and two moderate Republicans or RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) elected to seats previously occupied by conservative Republicans. It is almost impossible to get a Democrat elected in Weld County so this is the next best thing. And they are hoping Weld County Republicans are going to be uninformed enough to fall for their tactic.

Ready Colorado Action Fund

Tonya Van Beber

A Political Independent Expenditure Committee (IEC) called Ready Colorado Action Fund which is funded solely by Ready Colorado, a 501c(3) non- profit organization has funded $ 71,2354 dollars worth of television ads and political mailers for 3 candidates from Weld County. Because the donors to a 501c(3) organization are secret and do not have to be reported to public sources, this makes it dark money, and it can be raised and spent with almost no controls or regulation.

What confuses us about this particular 501c(3) organization is that it bills itself as a non-profit that supports conservative candidates to promote education funding, but has donated money to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Last year Ready Colorado Action Fund donated $93,863 dollars worth of goods and services to 3 different candidates in the Denver Public Schools board race. 1 candidate is a Democrat, another is an Unaffiliated voter, and the third a conservative Republican. All 3 of their chosen candidates eventually lost their elections.

Dan Woog

But for some strange and unexplained reason, the Ready Colorado Action Fund has jumped all the way up to Weld County and is trying to help influence 3 races. The first race we completely understand, Tonya Van Beber is a professional educator and member of the CREA with deep ties to education. However the other two candidates, Dan Woog currently running for House District 63, and Michael Lynch running for House District 49, neither candidates have a platform for improving education funding, no ties to education, and have made no public statements anywhere that they are for improving education funding.

The regulations surrounding and Independent Expenditure Committee are that individuals from the IEC are to have no contact or coordination with the candidates. If they do it makes it an illegal campaign contribution, one punishable by prison time. So our question is how does an IEC whose specific stated mission is to promote education funding is able to choose 2 candidates with no ties to education whatsoever and start funding television ads and political mailers without contacting the candidates to see if their beliefs are in line with the non-profit organization?

To me, this IEC donating to at least 2 of these candidates smells funny.

Coloradoans For Constitutional Values

Coloradoans For Constitutional Values has absolutely nothing to do with Colorado at all. In fact, the registered agent Jeffrey Carson has zero ties to Colorado and does not even live in Colorado, the address for the group is a post office box inside a UPS Store in Denver.

Michael Lynch

Mr. Carson is a leading member of Unite America, a socialist organization whose real mission is to change how elections are run in the United States. The groups 4 main goals are to:

  1. Move all elections to vote by mail, or should we say cheat by mail.
  2. Something called “Ranked Choice Voting”, which essentially would eliminate all independent and third-party candidates. The goal of ‘Ranked Choice Voting” is to make sure the person who wins actually gets 51% percent or a majority of all voters. If a candidate leading the election does not get to 51% then there would be another run-off election, and another, and another, and so on until someone gets to 51%.
  3. Open Primaries. Unite America wants to eliminate all individual state caucus processes and allow anyone who wants to be on the ballot to qualify for the primary election.
  4. The Promotion of “Unity Candidates”. Unite America supports only moderate Republicans and Democrats. In actuality, the only Republicans that Unite America supports that we could find are Tonya Van Beber, Dan Woog, Michael Lynch, and State Senator Bob Ranking of Carbondale Colorado.

None of these candidates has the “Political Chops” to reach an organization of this magnitude, much less get funding from them, leaving us to wonder which Republican; active or retired is meddling in Weld County politics with Democrat money.

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