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Three new appointments and two reassignments have been made to the Weld County W…

Three new appointments and two reassignments have been made to the Weld County Workforce Development Board. Appointed members include Sam Gluck, Kyle Majchrowski, and Elizabeth Barber. Jeff Sloan was reassigned as the Retail Business Representative and Geoff Herrig is now the Labor Organizations Representative.

The Workforce Development Board is business-led with members representing the private sector and organized labor, community-based organizations, education, economic development organizations, other state agencies and individuals with disabilities. The board is charged with identifying regional workforce needs, developing and implementing systems in response, and providing overall direction for Employment Services of Weld County.

Weld County has 20 boards and commissions continually seeking passionate, knowledgeable individuals to evaluate a variety of different services offered throughout Weld County. Board and commission members meet regularly and discuss ways that services can be changed, so they can have the greatest benefit to residents. Commissioners use feedback and ideas from advisory boards to identify residents’ concerns and see how county government can work to address and alleviate them.

Currently, the Extension Advisory Council is looking for a Media Representative along with a Livestock Representative, and the Building Trades Advisory Committee has three openings.

For more information on these openings and to apply, visit

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