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Today, Deputy Peck and Deputy Piacenza of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office recei…

Today, Deputy Peck and Deputy Piacenza of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office received the Life Saving Award for their actions on December 26th, 2018 and December 30th, 2018.

On December 26th, 2018, Deputy Peck assisted Firestone Police Department on a drug overdose call. Deputy Peck arrived on scene and observed a male who was laying on a bed, pale white color, his eyes were gray and chalky, and was breathing very shallowly. When the Firestone Officer arrived, the male stopped breathing. The Firestone Officer deployed a dose of Narcan to the male, which had no effect. Deputy Peck then started CPR which was not having any effect. Deputy Peck administered a second dose of Narcan, while Firestone Officer continues CPR. The male started breathing again and his pulse returned. He was turned onto his side and regained consciousness as medical arrived.

Deputy Peck’s quick actions in this matter saved the male's life.

On December 30th, 2018, Deputy Piacenza was working as a Booking Deputy in training when he noticed that a loud, unruly inmate had suddenly grown quiet. Deputy Piacenza found this a little strange as the inmate had been yelling and banging on his cell door for several minutes straight. Piacenza conducted a safety check and saw the inmate standing in the corner of the cell. As he looked closer he immediately noticed the inmate had a 6 foot by 3-inch section of his jail-issued blanket wrapped around his neck. Piacenza immediately called the Medical Code to Booking and entered the cell. He grabbed the inmate’s upper body and lifted him up to take the pressure off his next. Another Deputy was able to untie the knot, and they lowered the inmate to the ground.

Deputy Piacenza’s quick response and actions saved the inmate’s life. Had Piacenza not done a walk-through to check on the inmate’s well- being, the outcome could have been fatal.

Thank you for keeping Weld County citizens safe!

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