Front Range Station 2 Pancake Breakfast 2018 – 5280Fire

Thank you to the communities of Johnstown and Milliken! We have served over 2,350 meals between our two pancake breakfasts this year! Thank you also to local photographer Ian Zahn and for these great pictures and post. Front Range Station 2 Pancake Breakfast 2018 - 5280FireFront Range Pancake Breakfast Front Range Fire Rescue held their annual “Firefighters Pancake Breakfast” at Station 2 on August 11th, 2018, celebrating Milliken Beef

Gary Sandau left a heartfelt lasting impression on all he met

The FRFR Board of Directors and staff would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the entire Sandau Family, as well as those with the LaSalle and Platteville / Gilcrest Fire Protection Districts who worked with Chief Sandau. We are thankful for his friendship and will miss him dearly. Gary Sandau left a heartfelt lasting impression on all he met

The Gallagher Fire

The Front Range Fire Rescue Board of Directors has notified Weld and Larimer Counties that they intend to have an election question this November to address the confluence of the Gallagher Amendment and TABOR. It's a tricky concept to understand, but this video is very helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the station with any questions.[embed][/embed]A weird provision in the Colorado Constitution is causing

How the man known as ‘Mad Russian’ became an icon in Milliken, Colorado How the man known as 'Mad Russian' became an icon in Milliken, ColoradoAn unusually named golf course in Northern Colorado called for the special investigative skills of one particular reporter at 9NEWS, who found out why more than one thing in Milliken is called "Mad Russian."

What firefighters can teach us about how our brains handle stress

A key piece of the Front Range Fire Rescue mission is to, “Honor Humanity.” This may happen in very obvious ways on an emergency call for service or in more subtle ways at the firehouse in how we endeavor to be in relationship with one another. This incredibly important article speaks eloquently to the negative effect hyper-vigilance plays in our line of work and in society at large. We may