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Click here to support Build Chairlift for Hospice Wife organized by Larry Vargas

27J Schools is a family and when one of our own is in need of assistance, we do what we can to help.

Karen Shima retired from 27J Schools last June, where she managed the team that runs the Infinite Campus system and its 50+ integrated programs. Karen dedicated her career to education in Colorado, supporting students, families, teachers and district administration, all while raising a large family of her own. We all loved working with Karen as a capable, knowledgeable manager and a truly wonderful person. She made a positive difference in our community every day that she worked here. To work on Karen’s team was to belong to a family.

Karen has also been fighting cancer since 2015, but has recently stopped responding to treatments. She is unable to get up and down the stairs in her home without assistance. Her husband, Larry, would like to install a stair lift to help Karen get up and down the stairs and give her some of her independence back.

Larry has created a gofundme account to help raise funds to cover the cost of the stair lift. We’re asking the 27J Schools family to consider helping Karen and her husband Larry in their time of need.


Click here to support Build Chairlift for Hospice Wife organized by Larry Vargas

My wife was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2015. We’ve been on chemo treatments for 3 1/2 years, and have gone through 13 different types of chemos, and combinations, but it has recently resulted in 5 recent trips to the hospital for one emergency or another. Our last labs show the cancer h…