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Forestry | Brighton Colorado

Trees in Brighton may be damaged as a result of the Wednesday’s blizzard.

Here are some tips when dealing with snow-damaged trees:
1. Check for hazards. Before approaching a tree, examine your surroundings to avoid making contact with downed utility lines or standing under broken, hanging branches.
2. Assess the damage. If a tree is healthy overall and still possesses its leader (the main upward branch), most of its major limbs and 50 percent or more of its crown, the chance is good for a complete recovery.
3. Remove broken branches. This minimizes the risk of decay and insects or diseases entering the wound. Prune at the branch collar – the point where a branch joins a larger one – and be mindful of potential pent-up energy if the branch is twisted or bent.
4. Don’t over-prune. With the loss of some branches, a tree may look unbalanced, but most trees quickly grow new foliage that hides bare areas.
5. Don’t try to do it all yourself. If the job requires running a chainsaw overhead, sawing from a ladder or removing large branches or entire trees, contact an insured, certified arborist.

Brighton residents may call the city’s Parks and Open Space Department at 303-655-2054 to make an appointment to drop limbs off at the city’s free limb disposal site (Brighton residents only, no contractors).

Forestry | Brighton Colorado

Trees in the parks, on the sidewalks and in the medians are all cared for by the Brighton Parks and Recreation Forestry Division. With a large inventory of street and park trees the Forestry Division always has a busy day. Like any living and growing thing, trees require water, air sunlight and a li…