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Colorado Education Association President Issues Statement Concerning WELD RE5-J School Board

Late Friday afternoon we received this statement directly from the Colorado Education Association.  We have seen several “Edited” versions on social media outlets and thought it would be prudent to publish it directly from the source.

“CEA is shocked and disappointed that any school district would discuss unresolved employee issues with the community in such a letter sent out to families by the Weld RE-5J School Board Members and Superintendent. Because students exercised free speech and voiced their concerns over the school district’s practices, the Board and Superintendent reacted impulsively and did exactly what they know is wrong by publishing one-sided details about ongoing legal cases. Commenting on such sensitive personnel matters may prevent the teachers’ ability to receive a fair outcome in their cases, and can irreparably harm the professional integrity of all school employees. The Board Members and Superintendent readily admit in this letter that they shouldn’t discuss personnel issues in public and should respect the privacy of its staff. Public education officials entrusted with the responsibility to care for its students and employees cannot abuse its power in this reckless manner.”

Amie Baca-Oehlert

President of the Colorado Education Association