Submitted by: People United For Responsible Government


For those who may have been following the story of Weld County Commissioner Julie Cozad’s ethics complaints, we have just learned that her motion to settle the complaints has been denied by the IEC.

You may remember that in the first complaint, she was accused of a gift ban violation when she attended a $2500/seat dinner with her husband as the guest of Noble Energy, which then had a land use hearing in front of the board two weeks later. For that complaint, Cozad lawyered-up and was intially paying her own attorney fees for the Denver-based “white glove” law firm. (not cheap)

But then, the second complaint was filed when she not only asked the County to reimburse $12K in fees, which the Commishes agreed to do, but (unbelievably) she then VOTED ON THE RESOLUTION TO DO IT!! This is a pretty clear conflict of interest under State law, and the the IEC also has jurisdiction here. After the IEC ruling that this complaint was also not frivolous, Cozad tried to force a settlement through mediation. Today, the IEC denied that motion as well.

So, there will now be complete IEC investigations into both complaints.

(And, as a matter of interest, there were no representatives from the Weld County “newspaper of record”, the Greeley Tribune present at the hearing. Of course, their stated policy is that all these concerns from citizens are nothing more than petty politics. Seriously?)