Submitted by: People United For Responsible Government


GREELEY, CO – Today, August 20, 2018, the We Care 4 Weld County recall committee is announcing they will not be submitting any petitions for the recall of Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer to the Weld County Clerk and Recorder.

After carefully validating the recall petitions internally as they came in, and most diligently over the past 24 hours and throughout Monday, it is clear we do not have enough signatures to cure the deficit caused by what we refer to as “hard” invalids. Signatures are deemed invalid for various reasons including: signer living out of district, voter registration not updated to new address, full names not printed, PO box used as address, and other inaccuracies. A “hard” invalid is when the signature’s invalidity would not be in question at all. For us, this typically occurred when voters who live outside District 3 signed a petition. With District 3 boundary lines crossing through many towns, this was to be expected, especially with the recall support we had across the county. Unfortunately, we did not have quite enough signatures in total to make up the difference.

Because of this, we have chosen not to submit any petitions. We came to this difficult decision for the protection of those brave citizens who stood alongside us and offered their signature, as well as for the sake of our volunteers who circulated the petitions. By submitting the petitions, we would be allowing Commissioner Kirkmeyer and her legal team to scrutinize the documents, exposing those citizens to the risk of retaliation. This seemed irresponsible on our part when we know without a doubt that the petitions would be deemed invalid.

Registered agent, Lesley Hollywood, who took on the monumental task of organizing the petitions and circulators, had this to say: “Although I’m disappointed this recall will not be moving forward, I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. We Care 4 Weld County isn’t finished. We have only just begun. Every elected official in this county has now been put on notice. The citizens are watching, and we work for no one.”

Thousands of signatures have been gathered during the 60 day period that was allowed for completion of this petition. We are grateful for the widespread support throughout Weld County, and especially in Commissioner District 3. We have made many friends in this campaign, despite the harassment by the various law enforcement agencies and town officials, and blatant violations of our First Amendment rights. We have also learned that the extensive corruption which pervades District 3 is far deeper than we ever knew. Many citizens were literally afraid to sign even though they wholeheartedly support the effort.

“To us, we still won.” Sara Mondragon, the recall filing agent, said. “We have started a brushfire of activism among citizens who are fed up with the corruption in Weld County, while at the same time educating tens of thousands of voters about the unethical behavior of Kirkmeyer herself. People are now paying attention.”

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