Scam #1

With all the hail storms Weld County has seen in the past few weeks, beware of scammers.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase of reports coming in where a male party who is calling from (720) 449-4153 and 1-800-695-9478, identifies himself as John and claims to work for Quality Contractors. The scammer tries to get you to let him come over and inspect your roof. The scammer tries to give you a deal too good to be true and asks for payment up front. The homeowner ends up losing out because no one shows up to do the work. Please do not give money to these individuals.

Please be aware of these scammers. Best thing to do is hang up or block the number. Also, be aware of door to door scammers.

Scam #2

Residents throughout Weld County are getting calls from (970) 616-0720. The caller claims he works for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and states you have a warrant for your arrest. The caller states that your GPS will be tracked if you don’t turn yourself in. When calling the number, the voice recording states it’s a Sheriff’s Office but not specifically Weld County.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office will never try to resolve an arrest warrant by asking for a payment over the phone. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office will also never accept payment in the form gift cards, pre-paid credit cards or any other type of credit through any store. Scammers may ask you to retrieve one of these items and give them the card number over the phone. Ask for the individual’s name, phone number and badge number; hang up and immediately call (970) 356-4015, option 1. Do not give any money to these individuals.

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