Submitted by: People United For Responsible Government

Eaton resident Tonya Van Beber Announces Candidacy for Weld County Council At-Large

As a life-long resident of Weld County, Tonya Van Beber has been a strong advocate for many Weld County citizens over the last 15 years. Most notably, she was a visible participant in the effort to preserve the Weld County Council when 4 of the 5 Weld County Board of County Commissioners added a measure to the 2017 Weld County ballot to ask voters to remove it and its oversight functions. From presentations to the Weld County Planning Commission, the Weld County Board of Commissioners, the Weld County Council and the League of Women’s Voters, she has supported protecting property rights, demanded fiduciary responsibility of elected Weld County leaders and has advocated for both transparency and increased dissemination of information of the issues that affect Weld County residents most by being on the founding board of People United for Responsible Government. In addition, she has served on multiple community committees, educational groups and has decades of public service.

As an educator at University Schools since 2001, she has served as a Weld County Junior Leadership Mentor since 2011, was on the District 6 John Evans Middle School Design Advisory Team during the Greeley/Evans District 6 creation of Prairie Heights Middle School and has served at the state level for the Colorado Department of Education for assessment review.

Most recently she has publically opposed the classification of Weld County Road 29 as another “arterial” road due to the extremely low traffic count when compared to nearby collector roads 31 and 33 and the approximately $61 million price tag for paving approximately 12 miles of Weld County Road 29 when so many other Weld County roads are under disrepair.

“The County Council was originally created as a link between the citizen and the various appointed and elected government officials, who in the original words of our charter writers, can seem out of reach of the citizen. The most important government is always local government and its impact on our daily lives, and it’s up to citizens to get involved.” Van Beber said in a news release.

“When the Weld County Home Rule Charter was created in 1975, they felt very strongly that in order to make Home Rule as effective as possible, as much control as possible needed to be retained inside the County. They also wanted elected officials to be responsive to the citizens. The Council was implemented to accomplish both of these tasks. Compared to the Board of County Commissioners, the Council is less formal and meets at more convenient times for most people.” Van Beber added.

“I’ve been a Weld County resident my entire life and I’m wholly invested in ensuring that the needs of our citizens are taken seriously, that they are not dismissed or altogether ignored and that they receive the support they need to navigate the unfamiliar waters of local government,” Van Beber said in the release.
Van Beber has degrees in social sciences and psychology from the University of Northern Colorado as well as a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Regis University. She is a graduate of the 2018 Leadership Program of the Rockies, a Colorado non-profit that focuses on America’s founding principles and how they can be applied to the challenging political arena of today. Her other interests include writing, creating art, website design, motivational speaking, multiple outdoor activities and spending time with family.