Random Act of Kindness, we do more than just arrest people and write tickets. Deep down inside we all just want to make a difference. It’s why we got into this profession.

Deputy John Maedel responded to the Longview Estates a few weeks ago on a noise complaint. The reporting party said that there were younger kids playing basketball and was upset about the noise.

A short time later Deputy Maedel contacted a 13-year-old kid who was playing basketball. The kid told the deputy he wasn’t trying to upset anyone or make to much noise. The kid expressed to the deputy how much he loves playing basketball and stated it’s what he does instead of getting into trouble. The deputy could tell that this kid was being honest and genuine.

So, Deputy Maedel talked with the kid about life choices while shooting few hoops. It’s a good thing that Deputy Maedel is in law enforcement and not playing professional basketball. The kid has a way better shot!!!

Deputy Maedel decided he wanted to do something special for this kid. With his own money, Deputy Maedel bought a basketball hoop so the kid could play right outside his home and not worry about the cops being called for making too much noise.

Yesterday, Deputy Maedel surprised the kid with the basketball hoop. Deputy Maedel bought the basketball hoop because he wants the kid to continue on the path of staying out of trouble and because it’s what we should be doing making a difference in our communities.

Job well done Deputy Maedel!!!