Submitted by: People United For Responsible Government

This article is a joke. With all due respect to Sara Knuth, who I’m told was instructed how to write this story, the main activities of last night’s Council meeting are not mentioned at all. In fact, there were two major accomplishments that were ignored so that the events of the June meeting could be re-hashed. First, the Council unanimously agreed to attempt to set up a whistleblower program, as suggested in last year’s audit of the Commissioners. Second, the Council unanimously agreed to adopt a detailed process for dealing their Home Rule Charter obligations if Commissioner Kirkmeyer is successfully recalled. The Charter requires that the Council suspend the official once the recall petition is validated, and then, select the replacement Commissioner if the recall election is successful. Instead, the Trib simply regurgitated the HR-related accusations from last month, which were supposed to get addressed in an executive session…that didn’t even happen. It’s no wonder that so many people feel that speaking to the Trib reporters is not only a waste of time, but also, is likely to result in a completely irrelevant story. This is worse than FAKE news. It’s JOKE news…

Members of Weld County Council decline to discuss job performance of secretary

Members of an oversight board for Weld County’s elected officials declined to discuss the job performance of their secretary at Monday’s meeting, which came in the wake of a