Rabies continues to be a problem throughout Weld County. A kitten with rabies bit a woman at the City Park in Evans. The kitten’s mother and siblings were trapped and removed for rabies testing. The City Park perimeter is Boulder Street, Golden Street and 39th and 40th Streets, in the City of Evans.

Rabies is a painful and fatal disease if left untreated. Preventative medicine is available to stop the rabies infection in humans. All pets should be vaccinated regularly by a licensed veterinarian. Do not pet or touch wild animals or dogs or cats that you are unfamiliar with.

If anyone has touched, petted, or was scratched or bit by a cat or kittens at or near this park, please immediately contact the Weld County Health Department at 970.304.6415. For more information please visit: https://www.weldgov.com/departments/health_and_environment/environmental_health/animal_related_diseases/