By Dave Kisker


A few days ago, we reported the contributions received by all the candidates in the contested seats in the Weld County Republican primary. For the most part, that was self-explanatory–who gave money to whom. There were a few irregularities… Sandi Elder had trouble getting her report filed, and it was not really accurate once she did. More importantly, Mike Finn received loans from individuals totaling $15,000. However, under Colorado law, this is illegal, as a candidate can only receive loans from themselves or financial institutions, not individuals.

Tonight, we present the spending information. In the following series of images, we present the campaign expenditures for the Finn and James campaigns. In particular, note that there seems to be information missing from the Finn report. We know for example that he has had his logo designed, apparently by a professional. He’s had professional photography done-the photo shoot was on his Facebook page at one point. And we know that he had certain marketing collateral such as door hang tags prepared and distributed prior to the 5/31/18 report deadline. None of these expenses are reported by Finn.

The key point is that even if these are “in-kind” contributions paid for by others, the law requires them to be reported. It certainly appears that Mr. Finn is playing fast and loose with the rules, as he did on so many other things, including his residency and his petition signature gathering.

Compare the details of these two reports.