This week the Board of County Commissioners proclaimed May 20-26, 2018, as Older Americans Week to celebrate the many ways in which older adults enrich and strengthen communities, as well as recognize the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for its hard work and dedication to serving senior citizens in Weld County.

Older Americans play critical roles in helping support their adult children, grandchildren and extended families. They work and volunteer for businesses and organizations that drive economies and serve communities. Most importantly, senior citizens mentor future generations and instill core values in them. Their unique perspectives and experiences endow communities with wisdom and guidance while preserving the heritage and invaluable lessons of the past.

“We are so grateful to our older citizens for all they have done to build up and sustain our families and communities,” said Commissioner Julie Cozad, who was appointed four years ago by the Governor to serve on the Colorado Commission on Aging and is also a member of the AAA board. “Weld County is strong today because of the contributions of our elders, who deserve to be treated with respect, to have their needs met and to age with dignity. We are committed to ensuring our aging community is safe and able to navigate the obstacles that could stand in the way of enjoying their golden years.”

Weld County has a rapidly growing senior population that urgently needs advocacy and support. Residents with a passion to help the county’s aging community should consider serving on the AAA board, which currently has two openings. To find more information and apply, please visit

The mission of AAA is to help maintain an individual’s independence and dignity in their home and community, providing services to Weld County residents who are 60 and older. More information can be found online at