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Muellers Case Against Trump Starting To Fall Apart After Russian Company Sends Lawyers To Plead Not Guilty

On May 9th the Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team attempted to postpone the first court hearing related to the charges filed against several Russian companies and Russian citizens. When one of the companies, Concord Management sent a legal team to the court hearing to enter a plea of not-guilty, the Mueller team scrambled to get the hearing postponed but Judge Dabney Friedrich swiftly rejected the notion. Two Washington-area attorneys-Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly of the law firm Reed Smith filed official appearances on behalf of Concord Management and Consulting.

Mueller’s team will now have to hand over the evidence he used to get the indictments in the first place. Mueller and his team expected that none of the Russian companies or persons would show up to challenge the indictments.

A second surprise came as the representatives of Concord Management revealed that one of the companies indicted (Concord Catering) didn’t even exist during the time period claimed in the indictment. The Mueller team claimed Concord Catering helped to fund the conspiracy. Oddly enough every single major news agency omitted that part of the hearing from their reporting.

The attorneys for Concord Management said that it is apparent Mueller has indicted a “ham sandwich.” Now Mueller’s entire narrative into the election meddling investigation will be put on trial as one big public relation scam into making everyone think he was closing in on the President.  Mueller’s team will have to hand over all of the evidence during discovery that was used to get the indictments.

When the criminal case was filed, many legal experts predicted it would lie dormant indefinitely and never go to trial because none of the defendants were likely to set foot in the U.S. or in a country from which they could be extradited.

When foreign companies appear to fight or admit to a criminal charge, it is because they have a business need to continue operating in the U.S. It’s unclear if the Russian firms have any such financial ties.

Mueller’s investigation took another major hit earlier this month when he leaked to the press that he would like to ask President Trump a few questions. Rudy Giuliani swiftly too to the media to point out that the Mueller probe must be at a stage where they have no actual evidence against the President if they are hoping to trap him into perjuring himself.  A sitting President does not have to answer any subpoena while in power and Giuliani said, “There is no way I would allow President Trump to sit with Mueller and answer questions, and legally he doesn’t have too.”

May 17th marks the 1 year anniversary of the Mueller probe. President Donald Trump and his legal team are planning on using the one-year anniversary to ratchet up pressure on the special counsel to close his investigation. In an interview on Tuesday Giuliani said they haven’t ruled out additional steps if Mueller doesn’t heed their calls.