Openness, accountability, and honesty define governmental transparency.  In a free society, transparency is the government’s obligation to share information with the citizens.  It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable. 

Ask yourself as I have, do you feel the current Board of Weld County Commissioners have been transparent with the citizens of Weld County?

Do you occasionally feel that they are the opposite of being transparent? —Opacity is deception, secrecy or being disingenuous. 

After listening to the citizens that live on County Road 29, and the neighbors around the Martin Marietta asphalt facility, I can say with no reservation, that the people I have spoken to, are adamant, that they have not been listened to, and are convinced that transparency is missing in many parts of what has transpired.

We must as a board that represents the people, for the people make it transparent.  We must make our meetings accessible to as many citizens as possible.  In this day and age, we have the ability to post meetings on the intranet and we could partner with municipalities and cities to broadcast our meetings on their local stations, so all can view.—Accountability and trust—two words that mean a lot and quite frankly should be expected!

If there is a land issue, a rezoning issue, or a USR that has a significant impact on citizens, (who decides significant, the people that it will affect) those meetings should be in the evening or before work, when people can attend, not at 10 in the morning which is the most inconvenient time for working folk.  If there is a rezoning or land use issue, the homeowner or property owner needs to be notified, a postcard is not adequate. A registered letter, that requires a signature, a phone call, every attempt must be made to reach them.

Transparency goes hand in hand with accountability.  Are the commissioners being accountable to the taxpayer and the citizens that elected them to lead and represent their interests?  Do you know where your representative is? How many hours did they work? Office hours? Conferences they attended?  What are they learning from retreats & trainings? Taxpayers pay the salaries!

Governments exist to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

I am called to serve and ask for your vote in the upcoming primary.  I would love the opportunity to listen, lead and serve you to the best of my ability.  Sandi4Weld – Let’s change the status quo!