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Boulder DA Announces Sharp Rise in Violent Felonies and Homicides As Gun Ban Debate Rages

By Chuck Parks, Editor

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty announced on May 11, 2018, that the number of felonies, violent felonies and homicides are up 30%, and the 1,001st  felony was just charged by his office this year. Dougherty stated, “Our felony case numbers to date . . . Sadly, # 1001 was a significant theft from a Church. Felony cases are up 30% since 2015, including a spike in violent felonies and homicides. We are far ahead of our annual average, which is very concerning.”

Concerning…Boulder’s recent ban on the sale of what a group of housewives is calling “Assault Weapons” will do nothing but create tens of thousands of potential victims. The Group called, Moms Demand Action has clearly influenced the Boulder City council to create and install a ban on the sale of assault weapons. The ordinance will make any the sale of bump stocks, assault weapons, and any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition illegal to sell or possess.

The City of Boulder is currently attempting to hide email communications between the group Moms Demand Action and members of Boulder City Council. Private Citizen and gun rights activist Leslie Hollywood filed a CORR request for the emails but was given a charge of $1,200 for the documents. The City of Boulder is citing the need for 28 hours of redaction time before handing the documents over to Hollywood.

Why would the City of Boulder need to redact documents from a city official to a private citizen or group? The answer, to hide illegal activity. Either Moms Demand Action illegally tried to influence a public official or items discussed in an executive session were made available to the group by a public official. Both are crimes in the State of Colorado.

Rachael Friend, a Boulder resident and former head of the local chapter of Moms Demand Action said,”I think they are doing everything they can and they-re setting an example to other cities and hopefully other states to follow.”

City Attorney Tom Carr, who drafted the law in the council’s vision, admitted that the law will not be enforceable from a proactive stance. “Obviously there’s no circumstance where we go door-to-door and ask people if they’ve violated the law. So I think it would mostly be responsive.”

Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa testified at a council meeting earlier this month that he’s not expecting his department to be especially active in its enforcement of the ban. Testa said, “My officers could only take action if they came into lawful contact with someone in illegal possession of a banned weapon.”

This Tuesday Boulder City Council will take the third and final vote to adopt the gun ban. Moms Demand Action hope that the City will take the national lead on gun control by adopting the law. However anyone that can read knows the law more than likely unconstitutional, very weak in the enforcement department, has no real penalties that would create an atmosphere that would make criminals avoid Boulder, and in fact would be very dangerous for law enforcement officers to try and enforce against law-abiding gun owners.

Recently Boulder police refused to enforce the law during a gun rights rally. There were multiple sightings of individuals openly carrying firearms during the rally. Boulder has a law that clearly states any weapon has to be carried in a holster. When questioned, law enforcement officials said they made a” tactical decision” to not enforce the law on this occasion.

We have sent messages to Moms Demand Action requesting they provide unredacted copies of their email communications with the members of Boulder City Council to disprove any accusations of wrongdoing against the group by the public. Our requests so far have been unanswered.