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The controversial “red flag” bill has been defeated in a Republican-led House committee. The bill which would have allowed any law enforcement official to confiscate the firearms of anyone that they deemed a threat to themselves or anyone else died by a vote of 3-2 on Friday night.

Democrats tried to put a procedural hold on the measure to give it a third reading vote and time to gain more publicity and steam before being voted on. However, by Monday afternoon the bill had reached the Senate Committee on Military & Veterans Affairs where it was quickly killed.

The State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee took up the bill Monday afternoon, with Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, a Republican who supports the measure, telling Hill that the legislature would never be able to pass a bill that’s “perfect in any way.”

Many opponents of the bill claimed that there was no due process in the bill before the firearms could be removed. If a spouse or ex-spouse wanted to get even with their husband all they would have to do is call any law enforcement agency and say their husband was a threat and his firearms would be confiscated.

Asked for comment Monday evening regarding the vote that ultimately ended up killing the bill, Spurlock said he was “very disappointed in the Senate’s decision” and added he hoped lawmakers plan to work on mental health-related bills next session.