­­­­At last Weeks meeting of the Milliken Town Board of Trustees Leron Ehrlich was voted to the vacant seat left by Rachael Dugan when she resigned shortly after the election was complete.  Rachael Dugan resigned to pursue a full-time position as Senior Coordinator with the town.

Discussion on the matter at the time was heated as two-sided clearly formed with separate agendas. Side one led my Elizabeth Austin also had Katy Burak and Holly Trailor, they felt the appropriate action should have been the submission of applications and then a vote on the matter. Side two led by Mayor Beau Woodcock had the support of Scott Smith and Peggy Wakeman all felt that since the town just had an election that we should take the results of that election and appoint the next highest vote-getter, which was Leron Ehrlich.

Colorado State Law does not directly address this particular issue. The next closest law states that if someone withdraws from an election within a sixty-day window before the election that regardless of the election results the board of trustees or a committee appointed by the trustees will appoint someone to the board. If no appointment is made within sixty days of the vacancy then Colorado State Law requires a special election to fill the vacancy, according to town attorney Linda Michow.

Eventually, Scott Smith motioned for the board to appoint Leron Ehrlich to the board, Peggy Wakeman seconded the motion, it then failed by a vote of 3 to 3. More discussion ensued on the matter before Scott Smith made the second motion to appoint Leron Ehrlich to the board. That motion failed again by a vote of 3 to 3. Additional discussion took place before the third motion by Trustee Smith was made. During the third vote trustee Katy Burak voted no, then trustee Hollie Trailor changed her vote to yes, with additional yes votes by Scott Smith and Peggy Wakeman, then trustee Austin changed her vote to yes with the mayor voting yes, Leron Ehrlich was appointed to the board by a vote of 5-1.

Mr. Ehrlich will take the oath at the next meeting of the Milliken Town Board of Trustees. Since Ehrlich was the lowest vote-getter the board motioned to move Trustee Peggy Wakeman to a four-year term with Ehrlich receiving a two-year appointment.