As most of you know by now, we wound up dismissing our complaint against the Finn signature collecting team.

While it’s clear that as much as 80% of Finn’s signatures were not valid, based on our own analysis as well as the implications of Walker Stapleton’s decision to pull his petition that was collected by the same folks, the simple truth is that we didn’t get it done in time. So, Finn sneaks into the Weld County District 2 primary by what is effectively a fraudulent process.

For even if it’s strictly speaking “legal”, it’s not right. Similar to his “Hillary Clinton” type of move into District 2, which was also splitting hairs, scrutiny of his signature collecting should have been available to Weld County voters. Finn’s protestations aside, careful investigation would confirm that the 7 people he used were NOT truly Colorado residents, just as Stapleton concluded. But, alas, D2 voters won’t benefit from that scrutiny. We were just too late. By a day. For that we are sorry. We’ll definitely try to better. And you can be sure that this won’t get by us again.

So who are theses fine, upstanding folks that Finn is so proud of? Here’s one of them, below. Did you notice the arrest for fraud? Does it seem surprising? As we said elsewhere, do you want be represented by someone who may formally follow the letter of the law, but completely ignores the PRINCIPLE of the law?

There sure seems to be a lot of that going around…