People United for Responsible Government

Two important developments in the Finn petition saga.

First, we have learned that despite Mr. Finn’s claims, he used the exact same individuals to collect his signatures that were used by Walker Stapleton. Finn used the following folks to gather 80% of his signatures:

Brandon Westbrook 133 signatures
Robert Davenport 110 signatures
Carven Exantus 212 signatures
Patricio Carlos Diaz 267 signatures
Jay Hudson Harmon 545 signatures
Easton S Dean (actually Dean Easton?) 211 signatures
Christal Dames 262 signatures

Total possible invalid signatures: 1740
Total signatures collected: 2177
Potential valid signatures: 437
Signatures needed to get onto primary ballot: 1477

See the Fox 31 news article to compare this group to Walker Stapleton’s team:

Second, you may have read the Tribune article this morning that suggests our complaint was filed a day late. We are currently evaluating this situation and will, of course, withdraw it if appropriate.

This does not change the important question of whether Mr. Finn will accept responsibility, as Walker Stapleton has done.

Stapleton drops petition path to governor’s race primary ballot

DENVER — State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, a Republican candidate for governor, asked the secretary of state to disqualify the signatures he submitted to make the June primary ballot. Stapleton’s decision came after his campaign found what it said was fraudulent behavior by a firm hired to collect….