April 11, 2018

By Chuck Parks-Editor

Just days after winning a seat on the Milliken Town Board of Trustees Rachael Dugan stepped down. Dugan claimed that she decided to apply for the position as Senior Coordinator and Special Events Planner for the Town of Milliken. An elected official cannot apply or take an employment position with the town when holding an elected office.

One would then expect the next highest vote-getter, in this case, Leron Ehrlich to be automatically named to the board, however, Colorado State Law does not operate that way. Instead, the Milliken Town Board of Trustees will meet tonight and decide how they will name Dugan’s successor. The law allows for the town board to name the new trustee, the issue tonight will be which board.

At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town Board of Trustees tonight a new board will be sworn in. The meeting usually starts with the old board conducting a quick meeting, handling a few business items then will end it the meeting with the swearing in of the new Trustees. The meeting is then adjourned and a new meeting is started with the new members seated.

Since the new trustees have not been sworn in the current board (until tonight) has the power to name Dugan’s replacement, or they could let the newly constituted board handle the matter. The board intends to decide that issue at tonight’s work session before the formal board meeting.

Considering that the election just took place, and the ink on the votes isn’t dry, the current Milliken Town Board of Trustees should listen to the voters and name Leron Ehrlich the replacement. Since Mr Ehrlich would be the lowest vote-getter, Peggy Wakeman would then get a four-year term and Mr Ehrlich the two-year term. I am not sure that disregarding the voter’s wishes again,  would be in the best interests of the board or the town.