Thank you to Terry Herbst for 22 years of service in the Department of Public Works!

Herbst served Weld County from January 1990 to August 1998 and came back as a temporary employee in March 2003 until starting as a full-time employee in February 2006. He is retiring on April 1.

Throughout his career, Herbst worked in the trucking and road construction departments. “Thank you for the great things you do for our county,” said Steve Moreno, Weld County Chair. “I wish you the best of luck in retirement.”

Duane Naibauer, Road and Bridge Division Supervisor said, “Terry’s an employee that you can always depend on! He’s always at work by 5 a.m. – an hour early – and has the water tanker loaded up by 5:15 so he doesn’t have to wait in line at 6.”

Congratulations and thank you to Terry Herbst for his dedication to Weld County and its citizens. We wish you the best with your future endeavors.

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