There is currently one opening on the Workforce Development Board for an individual from a labor union.

The Workforce Development Board consists of 27 diverse individuals each with their own business experience who assist Employment Services of Weld County in a variety of ways. Board members provide input on state policies that affect programs offered by employment services. Also, by networking with employers and employees, the board can identify regional workforce needs and help programs offered by employment services meet those needs. Also, by networking, board members can spread the word about how Employment Services can help people find jobs and become stronger employees.

Besides the opportunity to positively impact the business climate, those who serve can also learn skills that may help them in their own business endeavors.

“It promotes proven and promising strategies and initiatives for not only their business needs but the needs of their workers and job seekers in the local area,” Employment Services Specialist Heather Roberts said about the benefit to serving on the board.

Are you a Weld County resident with labor union experience and unique ideas that can strengthen business? Apply today!