The Weld Faith Partnership Council is looking for an energetic, passionate individual involved in a local non-profit or in the religious community to join its goal of bettering communities throughout Weld County.

The council assists Weld County Government in implementing four programs aimed at helping foster families, veterans, the homeless community, and youth development. As part of the council, members also have an opportunity to provide feedback to other council members and county government on issues negatively impacting their community and see if there are ways in which they can be resolved.

By working as a team, differences can be made in the many communities throughout Weld County. Coming together for a common goal is seen as a huge benefit to not just the Weld Faith Partnership Council but all advisory boards.

“We live in a big county and we have unincorporated Weld County and a lot of municipalities,” said Commissioner Julie Cozad, commissioner representative for the council. “The issues are different and the experiences are different. Bringing people together to solve problems or issues for our county, that’s why we have (advisory boards).”

To apply to be on the Weld Faith Partnership Council or any advisory board with an opening, visit