The goal of the Extension Advisory Council is to identify various issues negatively impacting the county and provide insight to the CSU Extension Office on how its programs can address them. While staffed to handle issues relating to youth development, horticulture, and agriculture, the extension office relies on the diversity of the council to bring different issues to its attention so it can find a way to help either through its own programs, or by alerting another department.

Promotion is also a key part of the advisory council as there is an opening for someone with a deep understanding of and connections to the media market in Weld County. Keith Maxey, County Director for the CSU Extension Office believes someone with knowledge of how to successfully get information out to the media would contribute greatly to increasing awareness of extension office programs and the work the extension office is doing to help the county.

“They could help us make connections and help us promote some of our programs but by the same token, they would be in a position to help advise us as far as how things should be promoted to better get extension’s name and extension’s programs in front of the public,” Maxey said.

Applicants from any media field who understand how to generate media interest and want help the extension office find ways to promote the work it does to address issues in Weld County are encouraged to apply.

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