The North Colorado Medical Center Board of Trustees is currently seeking a community-focused individual with a desire to serve as an advocate for hospital services to join its board.
Besides helping administer the lease of the hospital, the board also meets with department heads of NCMC to learn more about the services provided by the hospital and works to identify issues and concerns within those departments. Information gathered is then shared with hospital staff. The board’s goal is to make sure services are provided in the best manner possible.

Additionally, board members serve as advocates of North Colorado Medical Center throughout the community, explaining the various services the hospital provides to the public. For current NCMC Board of Trustees Chair Mark Lawley, increasing his knowledge of hospital services and better understanding their importance has made the experience of serving a rewarding one.

“It’s opened my eyes about the services the hospital provides and how valuable those are to the community,” he said. Lawley explained that by learning on the board, he’s been able to better promote the hospital’s achievements, which has also been rewarding.

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