As you may or may not have heard, Highway 60 West of the traffic light in Milliken, will be closed Tuesday Jan 16, 2018, and will remain closed through mid-May, 2018. This is so the Colorado Department of Transportation can replace the bridge on Highway 60 that received significant damage in the 2013 flood.

The closing of Highway 60 will affect school bus and van routes since nearly every route is required to travel between the two towns. Both pick-up and take-home times may be changed and if those alterations end up being significant, the bus schedules will be updated and communicated to those who are impacted.

On Monday morning, January 29, 2018 a Shoe-Fly will be put into use on Highway 257 just north of the intersection with Highway 60. (A shoe-fly is a temporary bridge for bypassing a construction zone). The shoe-fly will allow Highway 257 to remain open while the bridge just north of Highway 60 can also be replaced. The shoe-fly is scheduled to be in place through the end of May, 2018.

What does all this mean? Your patience is requested and will be helpful as we work through the first few days to see exactly how this will affect our route times, etc. As we make necessary changes to route times, notification of those changes will be communicated to those who are impacted and will be posted on the school district website.

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